Alderman RPG Version 1.5 Revamp

Summary After the grand release of Alderman v1.0 I knew I needed to make some drastic quality of life changes. If v1.0 is the minimum viable product then v1.5 is the official release. I wanted to create something that is useful, fun, and easy to use; in which v1.0 failed miserably. The goal of v1.5 […]

How Loot and Loot Tables work in Alderman RPG

How Loot and Loot Tables Work Image

Rolling for Loot & Treasure is one of the cornerstone activities in any tabletop RPG. Alderman RPG has tools that can create customized Loot and Loot Tables. Loot & Loot Tables Loot are items, treasure, goods, or anything of value that players can acquire. Alderman comes pre-populated with some loot to serve as both examples and […]

The Ultimate Book List for Software Engineers

Computer Science Recommended Books Image

The most important skill for a professional software engineer to keep sharp is learning new information. Here is a list of books that I highly recommend for engineers of all levels.