Alex Salerno

Software Engineer

Alex Salerno is a well-rounded award-winning Software Engineer with industry development experience since 2014. Alex is interested in new technology trends, is a determined programmer, an advocate for agile methodologies, is always looking for a new challenge, and a passionate gamer.

Alex Salerno

Featured Projects & Spotlights

Alderman RPG The definitive game masters toolkit for table top RPGs

Alderman RPG

A small side project of mine, Alderman RPG is the definitive Game Masters toolkit for tabletop RPGs. Gives TTRPG players access to hundreds of items from useless Junk to Legendary treasure.

SDSU Cyber Defense Team Founder & First President

Founder of the SDSU Cyber Defense Team

The SDSU Cyber Defense Team is a collegiate white-hat cyber defense team that competes in national competitions. I founded the SDSU Cyber Defense Team in 2015 and it is still going strong today thanks to amazing students, Aztec for Life!

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